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Professional Social Media Marketing(SMM) Training In Kushtia
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Professional Social Media Marketing(SMM) Training In Kushtia

If you‘re looking for professional Social Media marketing(SMM) training in Kushtia, you‘re in the right place. Venus IT Institute has been providing freelancing and online business training in Kushtia since 2018, covering 10+ highdemand categories. Our goal is to build expert digital marketers for freelancing, local/international jobs, and online businesses. Our course will definitely help you to grow your skills first. Our all classes are project based and you will get Lifetime Support From us. If you think you need to take more classes after completing your course, you don’t need to admit again. You can get a Lifetime Class Facility. Visit our office or call us to learn more about us, and don‘t forget to check out our social media.

Next Batch Will Start On June 15, 2022

Please visit our office or call us to reserve your seat. Free Class available before admission.

3 Months Course

Our course duration is 3 months, but this is not set in stone. We are focused on quality learning, and if it takes longer than 4 months to complete the course properly, we will extend the time.

Weekly 3 Days

Our classes are held three days per week, for 1-2 hours each. We cover a single topic in each class and then solve problems from the previous class. All of our classes are project-based.

Lifetime Support

You will get lifetime support in Professional Digital Marketing Course. You can take our support from the office or online via messenger. You will get 24/7 support from us.

40+ Class

Total 40+ project-based class on our Digital Marketing course. Every class will be video recorded and you will get required files and software for every class. If needed, class will be extend.
Course Outline
Check Our Detailed Course Outline

Course Outline

Module-1: Facebook Marketing 

  • What We Covered In This Module
    • Perfect Username Select for Business Page
    • Facebook Page Creating
    • Page General Settings
    • Basic to Advanced Message Setting
    • Facebook chatbot setting
    • Facebook Shop Setup
    • Organic Page Growth
    • SMM Panel Services

Module-2: Instagram Marketing

  • What We Covered In This Module
    • Instagram Profile Setup
    • Instagram Business Page Creation
    • All Page Settings
    • Basic to Advanced Instagram Growth Techniques
    • SMM Panel Services

Module-3: Twitter Marketing

  • What We Covered In This Module
    • Twitter Profile Creations
    • Twitter Professional Page Creations
    • All page settings
    • Tweetdeck 
    • Growth Techniques
    • Marketing Automation
    • Client Aquizations

Module-4: LinkedIn Marketing

  • What We Covered In This Module
    • Linkedin Profile setup
    • LinkedIn Business page creation
    • Linkedin Group Creation
    • Linkedin marketing for B2B Business
    • Organic Growth Techniques
    • Automation Tools

Module-5: Pinterest Marketing

  • What We Covered In This Module
    • Pinterest profile Setup
    • Pinterest Business Page Creations
    • Pin & Board Marketing Techniques 
    • Organic Growth Techniques
    • Marketing Automations

Module-6: Youtube Marketing

  • What We Covered In This Module
    • Youtube Channel Creations
    • Create Brand Channel
    • Channel Customizations
    • Content Uploading Techniques
    • Keyword Research
    • Proper niche selection and channel SEO
    • Youtube Organic Growth
    • SMM Panel Services
    • Promotion with Google Ads
Career Opportunity
SMM is one of the most demanded skill of digital marketing

Career Opportunity

Day by day social media channels are becoming more popular for Digital Marketing. Maximum people connected with more than one social channel and they spend a huge time on social media. So most businesses select social media marketing for their business promotions. Nowadays this sector is super growing. So it’s high time for Skill Development in SMM Sectors. Venus IT Institute provides professional social media marketing training in kushtia. As an SMM expert, you can start Freelancing, Online Remote jobs, Local Jobs,s and Online businesses. Contact with us for more information regarding SMM training.