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Professional Facebook Marketing Training In Kushtia

If you‘re looking for Advanced Facebook Marketing training in Kushtia, you‘re in the right place. Venus IT Institute has been providing freelancing and online business training in Kushtia since 2018, covering 10+ highdemand categories. Our goal is to build expert digital marketers for freelancing, local/international jobs, and online businesses. Our course will definitely help you to grow your skills first. Our all classes are project based and you will get Lifetime Support From us. If you think you need to take more classes after completing your course, you don’t need to admit again. You can get a Lifetime Class Facility. Visit our office or call us to learn more about us, and don‘t forget to check out our social media.

Next Batch Will Start On June 05, 2022

Please visit to our office or call us to reserve your seat. Free Class available before admission. 

2 Months Course

Our course duration is 2 months, but this is not set in stone. We are focused on quality learning, and if it takes longer than 4 months to complete the course properly, we will extend the time.

Weekly 3 Days

Our classes are held three days per week, for 1-2 hours each. We cover a single topic in each class and then solve problems from the previous class. All of our classes are project-based.

Lifetime Support

You will get lifetime support in Professional Digital Marketing Course. You can take our support from the office or online via messenger. You will get 24/7 support from us.

30+ Class

Total 30+ project-based class on our Digital Marketing course. Every class will be video recorded and you will get required files and software for every class. If needed, class will be extend.
Course Outline
Check Our Detailed Course Outline

Course Outline

Module-1:  Facebook Ads Types

  • What We Covered In this Module
    • Fundamental Of Facebook Ads
    • Creating Professional Facebook Business Page For Ads
    • Facebook Business Manager Details
    • Facebook 11 Campaign Objectives
    • Understanding Facebook Ads Manager, Ad Account, Campaign, Ads Set, Ads
    • Setup Brand Awareness Campaign
    • Setup Reach Ads
    • Setup Traffic Ads
    • Setup Video Views Ads
    • Setup App Install Ads
    • Setup Lead Generation Ads
    • Advanced Message Campaign Ads
    • Conversions Campaign Setup
    • Catalog Sales Campaign
    • Special Ad Categories
    • A/B Test
    • Campaign Budget Optimization

Module-2: Advanced Facebook Ads

  • What We Covered In This Module
    • Custom Audience
    • Lookalike Audience
    • Funnel Building
    • Pixel Setup
    • GTM In Details
    • Google Data Studio for Reporting
    • Google Analytics
    • Conversion Api Setup
    • Dynamic creative
    • UTM Parameter Building
    • Outcome Driven Ads Experience
    • Chat Bot Setup
    • Custom Report Building
    • Detailed targeting
    • Business manager issue fixing
    • Payment Systems
    • BIN Issue for Bangladesh
    • Dual Currency Cards for Ads
Career Opportunity
Facebook Ads, Most Demanded Social Media Ads

Career Opportunity

Facebook Ads is the High Demanded Skill in Digital Marketing. We provide data driven advanced Facebook marketing/Ads training in Kushtia. Facebook marketers are responsible for creating and managing Facebook campaigns that promote a company, product, service, or brand. They must have a deep understanding of how Facebook works, how to reach target audiences, and how to create engaging content. Facebook marketers must also be able to measure the results of their campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly. By properly learning Facebook Ads you can start your freelancing, you can start your own Business or you can join in a Office.